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A modern classic approach to bridal that is creative, luxurious & detailed. Offering brides distinctive and statuesque design crafted in unique fabrics and perfected in fit. For the bride who wants to make an impact


Sydney based label Guipurean specialises in wedding dresses that are unique, detailed artistic and customisable.

We take a more Artisanal approach to our gowns with the inclusions of specially sourced textiles, customised embroideries, handwork with the ultimate attention to the fit and construction for every gown.

All our gowns are designed and created in our Sydney studio by our talented team who are dedicated to their craft, all who strongly believe a brides gown should represent her style, personality and make a statement on the day, be a stand out and forever a lasting memory of how special the day was.

Guipurean is for the strong, mysterious yet feminine woman with impeccable taste, with a strong desire to be distinct and statuesque in her own style, she will not settle for average. A GUIPUREAN BRIDE is unique, refined and elegant.

Our philosophy, to design, develop and create wedding gowns that are special, rememberable and focus on originality in replace of offering a “uniform” or seen and done before. It may be a design detail, a unique lace, a custom embroidery or a combination of all that give our gowns soul and individualism.

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All Guipurean gowns are designed and created in our Stanmore based studio.

Our studio is a working design room, where the bride can see first hand where her gown is made, with care and attention by the Guipurean team.

We offer an intimate showroom and fitting space where clients can view and try our gowns or discuss with us their ideas and vision for their perfect gown.

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Designer and founder of Guipurean, Cassandra, has been designing and creating wedding dresses and special gowns for more than a decade, developing from her unwavering love of textile, design  and attention to details from an early age.

Graduating in Fashion & Textile Design after completing a BA major Art history, Cassandra worked as a hand beader in the bridal industry while simultaneously she began creating unique one off gowns for private orders and sample pieces in which to develop and refine her skill using high quality textiles, custom embroideries and bespoke finishes.

Working under her label Guipurean, Cassandra now designs and creates exclusively gowns for bridal, featuring her signature elements of custom embroideries, appliqué and unique fabrications that are all close to the designer’s heart and are the driving force for her fascination and dedication to her label. Cassandra strongly believes in every bride being true to her style and not to be held back by the normal of the crowd or what is dictated to us in trends, magazines or celebrities, true beauty comes from being ones self and being confident to wear what is true to  her personality and style.


All our gowns are made to order with the option for made to measure and custom made.


A gown from our range is made up into a size based of your measurements.

There are up to 4 fitting and a toile where we can check and modify the fit of the gown before it is crafted in the real fabrications.

Fit alterations are included.

There are options to modify the chosen gown, its necklines, fabrications, embroidery and colour. This is quoted at the time of enquiry.

We require a minimum of 6 -8 months notice depending on the availability of the fabrications and pre booked gowns in the schedule.

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We can create custom Couture gowns based on our brands aesthetic.

This process is more involved and includes multiple fittings in our Alexandria studio.

We require 10 – 12  months minimum notice.

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Guipurean (pronounced gur-pure-ean)

A fusion from Cassandra’s fascination for the ancient Egyptian world and French history.

The name, Guipurean, was created to elude to mystery, enchantment and grandeur

From the lace ‘guipure’, intricate in design, it has its origins in history as a luxury textile.

Guipure, is derived from old French in the 19th century, “guiper” meaning to cover with silk, a luxury fibre that will always stand for the test of time for its opulent appeal.

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