A custom designed and made gown is unique, original and luxurious,

individual and one of a kind

The Process

As a bride to be, the process of selecting a bridal gown, all the way through to it becoming your own customised masterpiece is an exciting journey. At Guipurean, we ensure the journey you experience is both memorable and enjoyable.

All aspects of a Guipurean custom made wedding dress assimilate with your individuality and personality. Embroideries, laces and fabrications are all designed and sourced to be unique to the end creation.

A custom made Guipurean gown is created to be distinctly yours, with our utmost attention given to the fit, garment construction and fabrications, to ensure your look is amazing from every angle.

Our team works closely with the designer throughout the process to ensure your final gown is truly original while being wearable. All Guipurean team members have an impeccable eye for detail which ensures a perfect fit.

All design and constructions are carried out in our Alexandria studio, which begins with developing and refining a prototype in calico, and several fittings of the final gown throughout its construction.

Your custom made gown is carefully packaged with tissue paper, a bridal bag and protective organza over any delicate embroideries or textile applications.

We would love to hear about your vision and dreams for your special gown, please get in touch to discuss with us the world of possibilities.