Custom Made Wedding Dresses

Custom, original and unique



Custom and bespoke are gowns that are individually designed and developed for a bride to ensure she is unique and a standout on her special day.

At Guipurean, we specialise in Bespoke and Custom, in fact, this is what we create most days and have done so for many years.

We strongly believe in brides wearing a wedding dress that assimilate with their personality, so we are proud to offer Custom and Bespoke options in addition to our Made to Measure.




All our gowns from the sample range are currently purchased as Made to Measure, we take a bride’s measurements and create the gown to her size and proportion with a calico test fit included.

A Custom is where a gown is taken from the sample range and modified to suit the bride’s preference, this includes mix and match of necklines, laces and skirt shapes, with options to add additional embroidery or lace features.

A Bespoke is a gown that is designed from scratch, created and developed to be distinctly yours, unique & original, one of a kind.

Custom made Dresses



Bespoke  and Custom wedding dresses require approximately 10 – 14 months development time from start to finish, depending on the detailed required including – custom embroideries, special order laces, applique or complicated constructions that will require several toiles and intensive pattern making. The time required is a guide only, some Custom gowns can be created in less, while Bespoke wedding dresses that are elaborate may require longer due to the  intensive nature of the design and fabrication.

All bespoke and custom wedding dresses are designed and overseen by Cassandra, the head designer of Guipurean, she works closely with every bride through a process involving:

  • Design development and refinement
  • Prototyping the gown to check the fit and design lines, this sometimes involves 2-3 calico trials.
  • Alterations and refining of fit, proportion and design
  • Discussion of fabrications and final selection
  • Finalising the design, fit and proportion
  • Gown construction and development, with several fittings
  • 4-6 fittings for custom and 5 – 8 for Bespoke, until the gown is completed to an immaculate standard.

Custom gowns start from $6,500 AUD

Bespoke gowns start from $ 8,000 AUD

Guipurean currently offers complimentary consultations, after which a Custom or Bespoke gown can be quoted accurately based on the discussion and images presented during the consult.

If you wish to know more about the process, please contact us directly, we have also developed a more in depth guide to the process which can be  read here.

Custom made Dresses - Guipurean Bridal