Creative, inspiring and unbound by convention of the standard.

Wedding dresses meticulously crafted with unique textiles, attention to detail, custom embroidery, and an unwavering dedication to the unique and captivating.

Guipurean stands for the contemporary woman not bound by tradition but inspired by it,
to create her own style.





Sydney based label, Guipurean was born with the vision to create gowns that are distinctly creative and unique, while simultaneously retaining the DNA of what makes a dress bridal, with a strong focus on originality without being held back by the stereotypical, meticulously crafting wedding dresses that endure in memory long after the special day.

The Guipurean team are dedicated to our craft, taking pride in creating works of art, worthy of the most discerning bride.
Each gown is a combination of unique globally sourced textiles, custom embroideries and exquisite laces not readily seen elsewhere, giving Guipurean gowns their distinct artistic and creative appeal, made with true soul.
Guipurean stands firmly to the belief in brides wearing a gown that reflects their unique personality and style, working closely with each bride, we take the time to understand your vision and what inspires you to ensure your gown is truly the ONE.

Guipurean is dedicated to the strong, discerning, captivating woman who has her own sense of style and determined to make an impact.

Get in touch, let us know your vision and dreams for your special gown.

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