Being the standout bride when its barely 8°C on your wedding day is no easy feat. Looking glamorous and staying warm are challenging to say the least, though with creativity and imagination, and a willingness to think outside the square, it can be done in a way that is both stunning and practical.

Now, I’m not talking about the ever predictablefaux fur stole, the lacy bolero, or even the cliché cardie that looks more like a practical convenience than a style factor.

What I am talking about is a showstopper. A piece that itself can be a star while also a complementary addition to the dress, to create The Look. Why wear one stunning piece when you can wear two?

If you are having a winter wedding, why not make that piece that will keep you warm, a stylish feature rather than just a necessary accessory?

Our Guipurean bride, Julia, did just that.

Sydney couple Julia and Rommel envisioned their September wedding to be set within the stunning Launceston countryside at Quamby Estate. It was the perfect location, with rolling hills, luscious greenery, a plethora of nearby wineries, a sense of tranquillity – and a nice cosy average of 0-10°C during the day!

What’s a woman to do? No bride wants to be a shade of blue on her wedding day, no matter how stunning the surrounds are.

Cue the Guipurean creative mind.

Julia’s style was chic and sophisticated class, opting for our Kiera gown with customisations. It was her perfect style, showing off pure silk, clean lines, and a beautiful fit. A stole or cardie would not have befittedthe look, and a sleeved gown was not in Julia’s vision.

So the Guipurean designer got to work, researching, sketching and developing ideas that would be in keeping with Julia’s taste andthe elegance of the gown, while also providing a complementary cover-up for the outdoor part of her wedding day.

I thought capes, detachable sleeves, and even beaded arm warmers, but none really had that wow factor that such a special day demands.

I remember when I first meet Julia to discuss her gown, she was wearing a jacket in a cape like fashion, which she pulled off so well – in fact so much so, she mentioned it was her signature style whenever she went out in cooler months. All her friends knew her to wear jackets this way.

Light bulb moment! Create a stunning crop jacket that will show off Julia’s gown but also be a feature piece in itself, able to be worn functionally or draped over her shoulders.

Like the detachable skirts much loved by brides wanting the best of both worlds – drama and practicality – the jacket was to add impact to the glamour while also be practical and preventing a cobalt-lipped bride.

Several sketches and fabric samples later, the design was set: a tactile, hand-beaded cropped jacket, with long-fitted beaded sleeves and cap sleeves, plus a nice little back split.

The lace selection was a mix of three varieties: sequins and pearl encrusted tulle for the fitted sleeves, a coral designed beaded lace for the hand sewn appliqué, and a corded guipure as the base of the jacket, all in keeping with shade of Julia’s gown.

In true Guipurean style, the jacket required a dedication to the details with many hours of placement and hand sewing to ensure a unique and individual piece worthy of the special day.

Three months on, the wedding jacket was complete. Just enough sparkle, yet still ever so chic and harmonising with Julia’s gown.

Fast forward four weeks later, cue the music, Julia enters the church, adorned with a luscious mix of greenery. The temperature is 8°C, overcast, with dark clouds looming in the distance. The groom, dressed in a swish Armani woollen coat, smiles with a nod of excitement as his wife-to-be approaches in her stunning sleek silk gown followed by a long fluid train.

But hang on… where’s the jacket? This is the part I loved most about this couple’s wedding, the mix of tradition and the contemporary. Draped over a chair at the end of the alter was her jacket, quietly waiting for its moment to shine.

The “I do’s” were said and the smiling couple prepared to make their walk down the aisle. It was time to make the next impact for the day. On went the jacket, worn Julia-style, over the shoulders.

A stylish sparkle and a new spectacle for the fascinated guests as they watched with captivation at this new addition to the bride’s look for the day – a practical one that was uniquely her style and ensured she made her impact in her choice of location and season.

Remember: Blue skin is for Avatars. There’s no need to freeze on your wedding day. If you’re organising a winter wedding, seize the opportunity to do something special.


(Make your impact)

Cassandra – Guipurean

Flowers / Decor: Event Avenue

Location: Church of the Apostles, Launceston + Quamby Estate

Photographers: Jac and Jon Parsons from Doxa Visual

Videographer: Ian Watts from Yamina Gold

Make up / Hair: Mint Relax Revive