The seasons have turned and finally a glimpse of the warmth  from the sun, a splash of colour as the buds begin to bloom, everything seems to come alive, the birds start to sing a plenty and there is an waving optimism  that comes with the early morning light and the smell of floral scent in the air.

Its SPRING and who can’t be happy about that?

Its  a wonderful  time to hold a wedding. There is a huge choice for flowers, the warmer weather makes it easier to hold an outdoor wedding and the photos seem to come alive with the array of fresh blooms.  I love spring and for weddings, here is a little list of pros that will entice that spring planning.

Unlike the summer months, venues and suppliers generally have a greater availability in their schedule which means more choice and flexibility when planning your special day.

An alfresco reception or outdoor ceremony  bring a certain vibe of spring time celebration, fresh air, sunlight and the mingling of nature would make any guest relaxed and ready to party.

Left: Deux Belettes, Byron Bay. Image via www.hamptoneventhire. Right: The Woods Retreat at Jervis Bay, Image via Heart and Sea.


A spring wedding also means a bride can have a bit more choice when it comes to her gown, what she wears, her styling, her makeup and the flowers.

Colour tones of blush and ivory never look out of place in spring time, or perhaps accessories of flower head pieces or stunning cuffs to adorn the wrists, like the Roman flower Goddess Flora.

A bride can choose to wear her hair up, down or in between without it looking undone or out of place. The warmer weather and sunshine seems to peel away the formalities of cooler months and allow for a more relaxed wedding that bring a sense of renewal and new beginnings, perfect for wedding!

A great thing about spring weddings , is that no gown really looks out of place. The weather is usually not too hot if you love the long sleeve, but also warm enough to wear the strapless, or, barely there, but also a great opportunity to wear a gown with textures, appliqués and floral laces.

If daring enough, even accessorise with coloured additions like a giant statement silk bow in place of a veil or train.

There is always something special to see a bride make an entrance with a point of difference, a sense of one’s own style –  a ting of colour or flowers adorning her, in a bouquet or even a headpiece, just as our lovely Guipurean bride Joanne who chose to wear a custom designed blush gown with plenty of floral styling, matched perfectly with her whimsical and romantic vibe.

If florals aren’t your thing, don’t worry, spring is not just for flowers, a luscious greenery sprayed with tones of white and a  textural array of foliage can never go out of style.

Queen Ann Lace, ivy and even Baby Breath, which in recent years has made a comeback, no longer that old fashioned 80’s styling, have a lovely soft appeal that adds volume and a real spring freshness to add to your  look.

A mix of greenery in assorted textures always look fresh and  amazing, stunning for any wedding but a wonderful  choice if opting for a sleeker gown or minimal look,  but, I say, there is also no magic rule, and a good florist should be able to match the right flowers with what you envision and ensure an wonderful addition to your dream gown.

Its spring, a time to celebrate whether it’s with an abundance of flowers, an outdoor venue, floral adorned  lace  or a blush toned gown, perhaps all of the above? A wedding is about celebration and a chance for a bride to shine and be true to herself and her style. A spring wedding is a perfect time to make an impact, dare to be unique, wear some colour or style your look, allow yourself to be an Empress for a day.


(Make your impact)

Cassandra – Guipurean


Photography: Studio Paddington / Stella Hours

Models: Lucia Schrink / Ilona Novacek

HUMA: Linda Lubrin / Jess Chapman

Gowns :  Guipurean